General Friedolin problems- Where do I find help?
  • Please use the FAQ-homepage of the Friedolin-Helpdesk

>>Friedolin FAQExternal link

Important: Keep your personal information up to date! How?
  • Please keep your personal information up to date for important requests of the examinations office. The current status you can check after your login in Friedolin at “Personal data”.
  • To change your address please fill in the form “Veränderungsmeldung” on the website of the Student Service Centre de. The form must be provided via mail or in person (FSU Jena, Studierenden-Service-Zentrum, 07737 Jena)
  • To change your e-mail address please contact the Student Service Centre de
  • Please check your mail regularly or forward your mails to an active account.
  • Phone numbers can be changed in Friedolin
  • International students can change their personal data at the international officeExternal link
I must call in sick. What is important?
  • Inform the examiner before the start of the examination (e-mail or phone call).
  • Submit the certificate stating that you are unable to take the examination to the Examinations Office within 3 working days.
    (by post, in person or in the letterbox in the foyer, scanned as an email attachment is also sufficient)
  • This certificate can be printed out via the website, but informal versions from the doctor's practice are also accepted. It is important to note that only the university can formally determine the inability to take exams;
  • The old paper medical certificate ("Krankenschein") is also accepted by us, but only in the version with a diagnosis code, if it shows that you are unable to take an examination. The university is currently not authorised to read out the sickness absence data digitally, as is possible for employees.
  • ATTENTION! Even if you are ill on the 1st examination date, you will automatically be registered for the re-examination (1st attempt)!
    If no form is submitted at a later date, the examination is deemed to have been failed ("failure to appear without good reason").
Is it possible for another person to submit my thesis or to use the letterbox?
  • Yes, it is possible to submit your thesis these ways.
  • Caution! Please be aware of your faculty’s requirements. Otherwise your thesis is not submitted in due time. (Bachelor: 2 bounded hardcopies + 1 digital version. / Master: 3 bounded hardcopies + 1 digital version.)
  • Declaration of independence in each bounded hardcopy must be submitted!
Are there formal criteria for your thesis? (Bachelor/Master)
  • There are no exact formal criteria. You should use the standard formal criteria of your faculty (font size, line space etc.) The number of pages written is not limited.
  • No coil/spiral binding for the hardcopies of your thesis.
  • Your thesis should contain your signed declaration of independence.
Is it possible to withdraw from a submitted examination?
  • Within 10 weeks after begin of lectures a withdrawal on Friedolin is possible.
  • Afterwards just via formpdf, 433 kb · de.
Lectures and examinations; What are the regulations?
  • Application for lectures should be in advance of their start. (Winter semester from 15.08 / Summer semester from 15.02)
  • The lectures assignment will occur beginning of October/April
  • Within 10 weeks after the beginning of the semester a submission (or withdrawal) is possible.
  • Further information you can find on Friedolin at “Dates”.
What must be considered for a “Free attempt”?
  • Regulations for a “free attempt” you can find here: for B.Sc. Physik, for B.Sc. Werkstoffwissenschaften.
What must be considered for a third attempt in a module examination?
  • Application must occur within 6 weeks after the beginning of the next semester.
  • The right to take an examination must be newly awarded. Regulations will be set by the examiner.
  • Sometimes there is the possibility for an oral examination but not by legal right.
  • General form of application.
Is it possible to participate in Master modules during your Bachelor studies?
  • It is always possible to participate in modules without taking examinations.
  • Master modules with a maximum of 12 ECTS will be recognized when completed during your Bachelor studies.
  • ECTS will be recognized for future Master studies.
  • General form of application.
Is it possible for Bachelor students to visit modules of “Teacher training”?
  • Modules of “Teacher training” are exclusively for students with them being compulsory modules of their recommended study plan.
  • Exceptions will be made with the lecturer for students who must repeat the module.
  • Students of “Teacher training” are generally allowed to attend Bachelor modules.
Recommendations for a practical semester within the 5th and 6th semester.
  • We recommend completing your practical semester during the summer semester (typically the 6th semester).
  • If the practical semester is completed during the winter semester (5th semester) modules must be attended in a different order.
Recognition of ECTS obtained during a semester abroad.
  • Normally contents of modules will be compared. Cases of regulations can occur.
  • Please inform at the Office for Student Affairs and Examinations.
Is it possible to cancel required elective modules?
  • In general, regulations are the same as with compulsory modules (Dates, application, free attempts etc.)
  • Exceptional case here: The possibility to replace one required elective module with another in case of failed modules.
  • If you have completed more required elective modules than necessary these can be referenced as additional modules on your grade certificate.
What is the processing time for the Bachelor thesis?
  • For your Bachelor thesis (Physics, Materials Science) it is 360 hours according to examination regulations.
  • Standard FSU-regulations: From 9 weeks to 4 months time for completion.
  • Admission at the examinations office.
For some modules there are no lectures- Is there any problem?
  • No, this is not a problem. Please submit to examinations in time.
  • g. “Introduction to Research Methods” (M.Sc. Physics/Materials Science) / “Industrial Internship” (B.Sc. Materials Science)
How can I add modules who are not in the module catalogue/ syllabus?
  • Admission to lecture (Schedule of classes)
  • Admission to examination
  • Grade added by examinations office.
What happens in case of plagiarism, attempt of deception etc?

Attempts to deceive, serious disruption to the examination process, plagiarism, etc. are generally given mark 5.0. In that case, the possibility for a 2nd retake is cancelled as well. This applies in particular to both the person who takes results from another one and the person who allows it. In the event of serious misconduct, examinations can also be retrospectively canceled. Details are regulated in the relevant paragraphs of the examination regulations.

Who may supervise final theses?

Since theses are critical for the completion of the degree, it is prescribed here that one of the two examiners (=examiner) must be a university lecturer/professor (cf. §54 (4) ThürHSG).

In the MSc. Physics and BSc. Physics this means in particular that the first examiner (= the one who issues the topic) is a professor of the FSU. The same applies to the MSc. Photonics, whereby it must also be guaranteed that the professor is a member of the Abbe School of Photonics. In the BSc. or MSc. Materials Science, the second reviewer can also be a professor and the first reviewer can be, for example, a junior research group leader.