Education in quantum physics with focus on quantum technologies – status and perspectives​

GDCP focus meeting and QuBIT EDU Conference 2021

The conference is a focus meeting of GDCP e.V.External link and a QuBIT EDU conference. QuBIT EDUExternal link is a network of research groups in physics education, which develop curricula and implement empirical research projects to drive the field of modern quantum physics education.


The conference will be in German. More information and the registration form can be found on the German Web page de.

In a nutshell

  • Date, time, and place

    Date and Time:
    Monday, 4th Oktober 2021, and Tuesday, 5th October 2021, full-time

    Online conference in Zoom, meeting ID will be sent to registered participants

  • Topics
    • Didactical concepts in quantum physics and quantum technologies for secondary and tertiary education (keynote talks and short talks)
    • Empirical studies on learning of quantum physics
    • Lab courses and experients in quantum physics and quantum technologies
    • Overview talks about quantum technologies
  • Contact

Aim of the conference

The dynamic and quick evolution in the field of Quantum Technologies both in academic research and in industry demands for a modern quantum education throughout Europe, leading to greater quantum awareness and literacy for school students, university students and the workforce in Europe.

The challenge of an immense scaling-up in training and education while increasing interdisciplinarity and drawing acute attention to current and future corporate and societal needs can only be achieved with a comprehensive and coordinated effort. This challenging task requires intensified efforts in quantum education from the development of new teaching concepts to empirical research. All levels from professionals and university students in physics to learners in areas that traditionally do not get in touch with quantum physics (e.g. engineering) and school students have to be addressed with effective training and educational concepts.

On this online conference, the current status and possible perspectives for educational efforts in the field of quantum education will be discussed