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  1. International students in the new internship laboratory of the Quantum Science & Technology Master's program.
    Image: Anna Schroll
  2. Prof. Dr Andrey Turchanin, shown here at the "Ultra High Vacuum Multiprobe System" in a laboratory at the Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry (CEEC Jena II), is the spokesperson for the award-winning team.
    Image: Nicole Nerger/Universität Jena
  3. Artist's impression of the centre of the galaxy OJ287 viewed from the side with the black holes, their accretion disks and jets of matter during the detected outburst.
    Illustration: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC) & M. Mugrauer (AIU Jena)
  4. Doctoral students in the nano and quantum optics labs
    Image: MPSP.
  5. Awarding of the prize for "Excellent Interdisciplinary Research". f.l.t.r.: Prof. Jens Limpert, Dr. Jan Rothhardt, Prof. Thomas Pertsch, Dr. Ramona Eberhardt (Fraunhofer IOF, Ladator) and Prof. PeterZipfel (Chairman of the Board Beutenberg Campus e.V.)
    Image: Ira Winkler (University Jena)
  6. ASP doctoral candidates discuss an experimental setup in the ACP labs.
    Image: DAAD / Focke Strangmann
  7. The newly appointed professor Fabian Steinlechner at his lab.
    Image: Ira Winkler (University Jena)
  8. PhD student Christian T. Plass looks at a sample produced with the ion accelerator.
    Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
  9. PhD student Rossella Gamba is first author of the publication.
    Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
  10. Dr Falko Schmidt uses a heatable microscope lens to separate nano components from one another.
    Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
  11. Some of the authors (left: Dr. R. Ackermann, right: Dr. A. Boden) are adjusting the experimental setup.
    Image: FSU-IAP, Ira Winkler
  12. Prof. Malte Kaluza (l.) and Dr Yasmina Azamoum are preparing an experiment using the POLARIS laser.
    Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
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