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International contacts
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We encourage our students to start planning a semester abroad at an early stage. Immersing oneself in everyday life in a foreign country and a foreign-language university greatly widens one's horizons and can open up completely new career opportunities. Our Bachelor's study plan is quite flexible such that a semester abroad can be easily integrated. You will experience that with your education received in Jena you are well prepared to be successful at any other university worldwide. In fact, our graduates are frequently invited and requested by foreign colleagues.

Erasmus Program

The ERASMUS+ program enables FSU students to study or to perform an internship abroad. You will have the opportunity to expand your professional, social and cultural skills at approximately 250 partner universities in 27 countries.

Organizational and professional support in preparing for your studies and supervision onsite are provided by the FSU Jena de and the host university abroad, respectively. You may reserve an ERASMUS+ slot in all member states of the European Union. Moreover, there are many more opportunities to study outside the EU. All participating countries and universities are listed below.

Malte Christoph Kaluza, Univ.-Prof. Dr
Erasmus Coordinator
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Malte Kaluza
Image: M. Kaluza

Exchange program: Osaka University and Chiba University

In addition to the Erasmus+ programs, there are two bilateral exchange agreements with Japanese universities, specifically for physics.

By joining one of these programs, you have the opportunity to study one semester in Japan as a guest student in the English-language programs or to write a Master's thesis in one of the working groups, either in whole or in part. The advantage of the bilateral agreements is that participating students do not have to pay tuition fees that are otherwise usual in Japan. To a limited extent, it is also possible to receive a Japanese scholarship for the duration of the stay in Japan.

The competitive allocation is not done by the International Office of the FSU. Rather, the procedure is organized at the Japanese partner universities via an online application form and at specified fixed periods (6 - 8 months before the planned stay).

A prior contact with Prof. Fritz, who will be happy to advise you, is absolutely necessary.

Exchange program with the University of Bordeaux

Based on a special Erasmus+ program, there is a bilateral exchange agreement with the French University of BordeauxExternal link for the local M.Sc. Light Sciences and Technologies program, most of which is taught in English. This exchange scheme is especially aimed at Master's degree students of physics and photonics from the 2nd semester onwards.

The training program in Bordeaux is available in either English or French. The exchange places are each designed for one semester. The academic location Bordeaux offers outstanding teaching skills, particularly in laser physics and spectroscopy, as well as numerous other study specializations. Further, it is possible to do laboratory work placements as well as a Master's thesis in whole or in part during a study stay in Bordeaux. There are no additional tuition fees.

A prior contact with Prof. Spielmann, who will be happy to advise you on the choice of suitable study modules and the resulting options, is absolutely necessary.

Christian Spielmann, Univ.-Prof. Dr
Prof. Dr. Christian Spielmann
Image: Ch. Spielmann

Exchange program with the Technical University of Delft

Based on an Erasmus+ program, there is a bilateral exchange agreement with the Dutch Technical University (TU) in Delft in the Netherlands concerning their local M.Sc. Applied Physics study course. This exchange program is especially aimed at Master's degree students of physics and photonics.

The training program in Delft is fully conducted in English. The exchange places are designed for up to two semesters. Outstanding academic teaching skills at the Delft location exist in particular in quantum optics. Further, there is the opportunity to write a Master's thesis in one of the Delft working groups. Internships or Master's theses in Dutch research institutes or industrial companies are also possible in agreement with the Delft course supervisors. There are no additional tuition fees.

Students of our M.Sc. in Photonics can already receive the degree M.Sc. Photonics from Jena after successfully completing the 1st and 2nd semester in Jena and the 3rd and 4th semester in Delft. To do so, it is essential that you contact Dr. Christian Helgert in advance, who will be happy to advise you on the choice of suitable study modules.

Christian Helgert, Dr
Abbe Center of Photonics
IAP, Room 205
Albert-Einstein-Straße 15
07745 Jena Google Maps site planExternal link

PCAM Network

Our department is partner of the Europan PCAM network (Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials, link). This network offers the chance to stay abroad for at least 3 months during a PhD study, and finally obtain a European Doctorate, besides the degree offered from our department.