CO2 Welding  in the metalworking shop


CO2 Welding in the metalworking shop
Image: A. Schroll

Structure and key responsibilities

  • The joint workshop of the Faculty of Physical Astronomy (PAF) and the Faculty of Chemical Geosciences is the central infrastructure for ensuring all technical prerequisites for teaching and research. It is managed by the Technical Director of the PAF who reports directly to the Dean.

  • The workshop network divides into design, precision mechanics 1 and 2, service point mechanics, locksmithery, electrical engineering and electronics.

  • The responsibilities range from the planning, development and construction of equipment, apparatus, teaching and demonstration models to the construction of complete test facilities for research including commissioning, maintenance and repair. This requires that the workshops are directly involved in research and teaching and are not purely service-oriented.

Workshop Managers

  1. Winnefeld, Andreas Technical Director Werkstätten
  2. Wöhl, Hendrik Assistent to the Technical Director Tieftemperaturservice
  3. Rose, Andreas Workshop Manager Electrical Engineering Werkstätten
  4. Hieronymus, Dirk Workshop Manager Electronics Werkstätten
  5. Klumbies, Bernhard Workshop Manager Precision Engineering 1 Werkstätten
  6. Weise, Christoph Workshop Manager Service Point Mechanics Werkstätten
  7. Laukner, Stefan Construction and Safety Officer Werkstätten
  8. Wöhl, Hendrik Workshop Manager Locksmith's Shop Werkstätten


  • Auftragsschein (ausfüllbar)
  • Materialentnahmeschein (ausfüllbar)
  • Angaben zur Einrichtung einer Kostenstelle (ausfüllbar)
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  1. Bahrmann, Thomas Werkstätten
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  4. Hallpap, Ulf Werkstätten
  5. Hammer, Steffen Werkstätten
  6. Hieronymus, Dirk Werkstätten
  7. Huber, Martin Werkstätten
  8. Kirchberg, Marlon Werkstätten
  9. Klumbies, Bernhard Werkstätten
  10. Knabner, Fabian Werkstätten
  11. Kohl, Ferenc Werkstätten
  12. Kohl, Ferenc Werkstätten
  13. Köhler, Thomas Werkstätten
  14. Krauspe, Manfred Werkstätten
  15. Kraze, Benjamin Werkstätten
  16. Langer, Andreas Werkstätten
  17. Laukner, Stefan Werkstätten
  18. Mittelstädt, Dave Werkstätten
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  20. Neupert, Matthias Werkstätten
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  24. Ressin-Dorstewitz, Maja Werkstätten
  25. Rose, Andreas Werkstätten
  26. Ruthardt, Silvia Werkstätten
    Silvia Ruthardt
    Image: Silvia Ruthardt
  27. Stengel, Mandy Werkstätten
  28. Vogt, Heiner Werkstätten
  29. Weise, Christoph Werkstätten
  30. Wendelberger, Philipp Werkstätten
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  32. Winnefeld, Andreas Werkstätten
  33. Wöhl, Hendrik Werkstätten