Reinhard Meinel (2016)

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Meinel

Reinhard Meinel (2016)
Image: S. Meinel

Main research areas

  • Relativistic equilibrium figures: stationary configurations of rotating fluids under the influence of of their own gravitation within the general theory of relativity, relevant for the modelling of neutron stars

  • Quasi-stationary routes to black holes: continuous transition from equilibrium configurations of normal matter to black holes (parametric collapse), relevant for the topic of "cosmic censorship"

  • Solution of the Einstein equations using the inverse spectral transformation: solution method from soliton theory, applicable to the vacuum Einstein equations in the presence of appropriate symmetries, relevant for black holes and gravitational waves

Curriculum Vitae

  • 1958: born in Jena
  • 1981: Physik-Diplom, FSU Jena
  • 1984: Dr. rer. nat., FSU Jena
  • 1984 -- 1986: ZFTM (now: ZMDI/IDT) und ZfK (now: HZDR), Dresden
  • 1986 -- 1991: ZIAP (now: AIP), Potsdam
  • 1989: Neues Forum
  • since1991: FSU Jena
  • 1992: Habilitation, FSU Jena
  • since 1999: apl. Professor, FSU Jena


Reinhard Meinel, apl. Prof. Dr
Reinhard Meinel
+49 3641 9-47113
Abbeanum, Room 212
Fröbelstieg 1
07743 Jena


Buch Relativistic figures of Equilibrium
Relativistic Figures of Equilibrium
This book treats the classical problem of gravitational physics within Einstein's theory of general relativity. It presents basic principles ...
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