Blackboard sketch about polar coordinates

University Teaching Methodology in Theoretical Physics

Developing Auxiliary Seminars for Lectures of Theoretical Physics
Blackboard sketch about polar coordinates
Image: F. Eberhardt

The topic

Excercises in electrodynamics Excercises in electrodynamics Image: F. Eberhardt

Interactive concepts of teaching (e.g. Peer Instruction, Worked Examples, Multiple External Representations) have become established in classrooms and introductory university courses a long time ago now. Their positive effect on students’ performance has been sufficiently documented. However, for advanced fields, such as theoretical physics (i.e. mechanics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics and statistical physics), these concepts have yet to be realized in the German-speaking world.

This project aims at developing new approaches to theoretical physics and its mathematical formalism for students and lecturers by implementing and working with these activating, interactive teaching methods.


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