experimentation in physics education

Research of the Group

Subject-specific Studies of Astronomy and Physics Teaching Methodology
experimentation in physics education
Image: F. Eberhardt

Direction of Research

Research of this working group focusses on the impartation of modern physics, as well as the education and training of physics teachers. Research themes are:

  • Didactic reconstructions for teaching units of modern physics and astronomy in schools and extracurricular learning environments
  • Didactic approaches on quantum physics and quantum technologies
  • Teaching units of astronomy in various other subjects
  • Introductory phase and math education in physics teacher education
  • Teaching concepts for profession-specific augmentation of theoretical physics in physics teacher education

Currenct activities

Mathematics in Astronomy
Developing Astronomy-themed Math Problems for Grade 5 to 10
Blackboard sketch about polar coordinates
Developing Auxiliary Seminars for Lectures of Theoretical Physics
Arduino Uhr
Experiments and teaching units on theory of realitivty
Rotation curve of spiral galaxy M33
Dark Matter and Gravitational Lensing as Teaching Tools for Physics and Astronomy