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Quantum Vacuum Phenomena

The Quantum vacuum is the ground state of our ...
gaussian beam worldline
Image: F. Karbstein

The quantum vacuum as the ground state of Nature supports a multitude of properties that are induced by ubiquitous quantum fluctuations. In principle, these properties can be tested in experiments, e.g., with the help of strong fields or other quantities that influence the fluctuations.

We investigate quantum vacuum phenomena that will become accessible in present or future experiments. In particular, modern high intensity lasers are about to pave the way to new investigations of fundamental physics questions. With lasers, complementary to particle accelerators, the fundamental properties of Nature can be studied at the microscopic quantum level.

Our research group investigates these new possibilities theoretically within the framework of quantum field theory. Our goal is to identify novel signatures and observables of elementary physical processes in high-intensity laser fields, to develop the necessary theoretical methods and to propose concrete experimental scenarios for the detection of quantum vacuum phenomena.


  1. Gies, Holger, Univ.-Prof. Dr WG Quantum Theory
  2. Karbstein, Felix, Dr WG Quantum Theory
  3. Wipf, Andreas, Univ.-Prof. Dr WG Quantum Theory