Evaluation commitee

Every semester, the Evaluation Commitee evaluates the questionnaires for the individual courses and informs the Faculty board and the Dean's office which courses are very good and where improvements need to be made.

Members of the Commitee

Peschel, Ulf, Univ.-Prof. Dr
Professur Theoretische Physik/Festkörperoptik
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Univ.-Prof. Ulf Peschel
Cartarius, Holger, Prof. Dr
Professur für Physik und ihre Didaktik
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Prof. Dr. Holger Cartarius
Krivov, Alexander, Univ.-Prof. Dr
Professur Astronomie
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Forker, Roman, Dr
Lehrstuhl Angewandte Physik/Festkörperphysik
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Wölfl, Katharina
Lehrstuhl für Quantentheorie
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Undisz, Andreas, PD Dr
LS Metallische Werkstoffe
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