Thesis projects


Please contact us for opportunities for Bachelor's, Master's and PhD Thesis at our institute.

  • Master's Thesis: Nondestructive Detection of Highly Charged Ions in a Penning Trap

    The HILITE (High-Intensity Laser Ion-Trap Experiment ) Penning trap is an ion trap for providing well-defined ion clouds for experiments with high-intensity and high-energy photons. For this purpose, ions are generated in an external source and stored and prepared in the trap. An important process step is the exact and at the same time non-destructive determination of the particle number in the trap. Using a mirror charge method, the ion signal is recorded and resonantly amplified. To calibrate the measurement method, we use a so-called micro-channel plate (MCP), which can detect single ions. As part of the work, participation in a beam time at the Jeti200 laser in Jena is possible.

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    contact: Stefan Ringleb
                    Helmholtzweg 4 / Room 108
                    Tel.: 03641 9-47625

  • Bachelor's/Master's Thesis: Liquid Metal Ion Sources with Eutectic Systems for the Investigation of Molecular Ions in Strong Laser Fields

    In the research group for nonlinear optics at IOQ an ion beam source is available for experiments to study the ionization dynamics of atoms and molecules in ultrashort laser pulses. The use of ions gives access to fundamental systems of laser-matter interaction and allows the observation of fundamental quantum mechanical processes.
    The goal of this work is to develop a field ionization (field evaporation) source with a high directional beam value of 106 A cm-2 sr-1 to set a much higher ion density.
    Due to its special properties, this type of source is used as an ion drive in space and as a source in focused ion beam systems for nanostructuring.

    announcement (german)pdf, 503 kb · de

    contact: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Frank Machalett
                    Helmholtzweg 5 / Room D215
                    Tel.: 03641 9-47469

  • Master's/PhD Thesis: Development and application of cryogenic, calorimetric detectors for high-resolution precision spectroscopy
  • Master's/PhD Thesis: Commisioning of a Compton-telescope and its application in first experiments on polarizaion spectroscopy
  • Master's/PhD Thesis: Production and storage of polarized heavy ions at the ESR storage ring
  • Bachelor's/Master's/PhD Thesis: Experiments at the storage ring CRYRING@ESR
  • Bachelor's/Master's/PhD Thesis: Experiments at the ion trap facility HITRAP