A Cryogenic Current Comparator for beam diagnostics in accelerators and storage rings
A Penning trap for experiments on trapped ions with intense laser pulses
3D model of the planned experimental setup for the measurement of the Lamb-shift of the ground state of uranium at CRYRING@ESR
Precision X-ray spectroscopy of the Lamb shift of the ground state in hydrogen-like uranium with an accuracy of 1 eV
PolarX-EBIT at PETRA III, trap center with stored highly charged ions in the center of the picture
High-precision measurements of the x-ray emissions of highly charged ions
Field emission sources for generation of ionic targets for strong field laser experiments
Photo of the latest measurement in Hamburg. Scattering from the gold foil is done inside a vacuum chamber to minimize background radiation. The vacuum chamber has several windows to measure the scattered radiation. In addition to the measurement using a Compton polarimeter (left), a germanium semiconductor detector (right) was used to measure high-resolution energy spectra.
Rayleigh scattering of highly linearly polarized hard X-rays by a gold foil
RF ion cooler at IOQ
Measurement of the electron affinity of negative ions