Metaoptics for extreme ultraviolet light and ultrafast lasers

Kolloquiumsvortrag von Dr. Marcus Ossiander, Harvard University
Physikalisches Kolloquium
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Dr. Marcus Ossiander, Harvard University
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Dr. Marcus Ossiander
University of Technology Graz/Harvard University

Metaoptics for extreme ultraviolet light and ultrafast lasers

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light is central in attosecond physics and modern semiconductor lithography. However, because all materials absorb EUV radiation, very few optics exist. We overcame this hindrance using an ultrathin flat optics technology, so-called metasurfaces. In the visible spectrum, this concept molds the spatial phase of light using millions of high-refractive-index nanopillars. However, no material possesses a high refractive index at frequencies beyond the ultraviolet. I will introduce how we changed metaoptics design to apply it to EUV radiation, how we manufacture such optics for radiation with 50 nm wavelength from simple silicon, and how they perform. In addition to the spatial phase, metasurfaces can shape the temporal and spectral phase of light. We exploit this to manufacture optics tailored towards ultrafast laser applications, e.g., to create negative group delay dispersion in the visible (and compress laser pulses in transmission) or to mold cavity modes into arbitrary shapes.

Gastgeber: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Giancarlo Soavi

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