Hyperentangled quantum information processing

Dr. Fabian Steinlechner, Abbe Center of Photonics
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Physikalisches Kolloquium
Dr. Fabian Steinlechner
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Hyperentangled quantum information processing

Entangled photons are a key resource in quantum technology. They act as tamper-proof padlocks in quantum cryptography, as low-noise probes in quantum imaging and sensing, or as versatile information carriers in quantum networks. Translating this potential quantum added value from laboratories to practical applications presents several technological and scientific challenges. In addition to the development of system-integrated quantum devices, more efficient methods for the generation, manipulation, and transmission of quantum information are required. In this context, a promising approach is to transfer recent advances in classical wavelength, space, and time division multiplexing to the quantum domain. Encoding high-dimensional states (so-called d-dimensional qudits) in the spatiotemporal properties of photons allows us to process more information than commonly used polarization or binary path qubits and has been shown to be more resistant to noise in quantum communication and error-protected quantum information processing.

This talk will review recent progress towards the use of massive-dimensional entanglement in photonic quantum information processing. The focus will be on the generation and manipulation of photonic entanglement in time bins, biphoton frequency combs, and spatial modes using nonlinear optical processes, and on the prospect of using entanglement in multiple degrees of freedom - so-called hyperentanglement - as a basis for faster and more resource-efficient photonic quantum information processing technologies.


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