Friedenstaube vor blau-gelbem Hintergrund

A future for refugee students

Fast-tracked and individualized programmes to maintain academic education for the future of refugees of all nationalities​.
Friedenstaube vor blau-gelbem Hintergrund
Foto: Liana Franke/FSU Jena
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War is terrible and dreadful, but it need not destroy the future of young students. It has been our experience  that even in a desolate personal situation, after having settled into a new environment, every individual needs a purpose, a goal to pursue and a future to believe in.

Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, many Ukrainian universities have been affected or even closed, and several ten thousands young people of different nationalities were forced to interrupt their academic education. Despite their personal circumstances, we firmly believe that these students should not be deprived of their future opportunities, and we are ready to help these students bridge this difficult time by obtaining an adequate academic degree in Germany/Jena. It will help them to shape the future of their home country.

If you have come to Jena as a refugee and feel that these offers may match your situation and concerns please contact us immediately by writing an email to 

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