Hörsaal 1 Max-Wien Platz


Lecture hall 1 Max-Wien Platz
Applied Laser Technology Show content
  • Overview of experimental approaches of lasers e.g. optical tweezers, atomic traps, laser material processing, microscopy, photochemistry
  • Summersemester: Laser as a probe (absorption, reflection, scattering, fluorescence)
  • Wintersemester: Laser as a tool (light-induced forces, reactions,....)
  • parts are independent
  • two-weekly exercise
  • Language: English
  • Master course
Biophysics Show content
  • physical basics and methods for explaining biological processes
  • cells, membranes, proteins, DNA, ....
  • Wintersemester: Basics of Biophysics
  • Summersemester: Special problems and methods of biophysics
  • dependent lectures
  • with exercises
  • Language: German
  • Bachelor Course ("freier Wahlpflichtbereich")
Bachelor and Master Thesis Show content
  • please contact Prof. Eggeling directly
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